*CRY CRY CRY* (Lord)

C E7 Am 

It's never been so sad or so silent 
There's something going on and I can't believe 
The quiet and the calm are returning but my lungs are burning 
I can't even breathe. 
And so I see the pain that is coming 
I'm looking through a universal eye 
I used to do my best to forget it, now I won't let it 
And I just want to cry. 

Cry, cry, cry 
I think I'm gonna cry, cry, cry 
I cannot hold the reins any longer, the rain's getting stronger 
Cry, cry, cry, cry, cry. 

It started down the road very slowly 
The water turned to stone when I did not try 
But I won't let another ocean dry out and so I have to cry out 
Why, why, why, why, why? 
Why, why, why? 

       Dm                        Am
If you wanna make money play the people's fears 
C                       Am
Take away their hearts, steal their tears 
Dm                         Am
Give them the disease then sell the cure 
C                       Am
That's what the pain is for 
C                            Am
And that's why my heart's so poor. 

C E7 Am

Cry, cry, cry 
I think I'm gonna cry, cry, cry 
It's time to let the storm stop the silence and start up the violence 
Cry, cry, cry, cry, cry. 

'Cause I don't wanna drown any lower 
And I will not pretend that it's time to die 
It's gonna rain at once in the end, then rain again 
Let the waters cry. 

Cry, cry, cry 
Cry, cry, cry 
You'll never see a man go unspoken once he's been broken 
Cry, cry, cry, cry, cry. 

Bolero: C E7 Am 3x  
        E7 F Am 4x