*The Daughters Of Divorce* (Lord)

She trades upon her softness
As that softness goes untold
But how will you remain warm
If that side of her goes cold?
Time will soon betray her
She runs what used to walk.
She's the _ _ of her mother
If only they would talk.

There is no conversation
They've replaced themselves with pills
We leave it to her judgment
To watch her follow what she will

And oh, you can bring her back
You're the one she looks to wait
Don't let her end like that
It's not too late

You are her only hostage
A banister she waves
If you could truly see her
You would see how she behaves
You will win and lose and win her
More than you could comprehend
While she is falling deeply
(in love) again and again and again


She is spoken like a language
Like the french you've always planned
There's a beauty from the outside
But you will never understand
She is lost in her reflection
Stumbling towards the flame
You must save what she's forgotten
So that she may do the same.