*Half A Dozen Roses* (Lord)

Am Bm Bbmaj7 F
Am Bm Bbmaj7 F

Cmaj6                         Dm7
     I know that what I do is emptyness
     I hear the things that people say
     I am the driver and the passenger
     I see the walls that block our way
     And so these patterns start to show their threads
     While we fill the vases with a laugh
Em                               Am
     You thought that nobody was noticing
G                                   C    
     But your whole life has been a half


    F                        C
    Half a dozen roses could never be enough
            Bflatmaj7               G
    They're everything here that is wrong.
    F                       C
    Even to propose this is just the evidence
       Bflatmaj7               F C G
    To show that we'll never belong.

Cmaj6                                  Dm7
     Now 12 or more would seem to be alright
     Even 1 would show some shame
     But purgatory lands you in between
     And you're wrong and loud about the same
     Our middle class is causing all of this
     The best and worst of where to start
Em                        Am
     I'm rich enough to be allowed inside
G                            C
     But I'm poor enough to fall apart


Instrumental Chorus

Cmaj6                                Dm7
     No, there has never been an empathy
     Not in the face of cashing in:
     The provincial soon returns again
     To come and spoil the things we win
     I see my efforts and their consequence
     I see them even as they hide
Em                     Am    
     Invisibility trumped ability
G                                C
     I've never failed if I've never tried.