"Why Are You Giving Away All Your MP3s?"

Our entire catalog is online and available here: /mp3/

The 20th century way of doing things is over and now is the chance to think and act in a new way.

It's time to rid music of the merchants and speculators who only want to make money, without genuine regard to art. We say leave them out of the equation completely, so that all who are left are the artists and the weirdos.

The internet was created so that ideas and Ideals and information and feelings could be shared freely. Take the money out of it and return humanity in it's place. The free exchange of ideas and energy must continue. Money or humanity, you can't have both.

As The Hypertonics, we believe in our music enough to share it with people completely. Here are 27 songs - live takes and studio tracks. Many of our friend's bands have been on record labels, ones that seem to work as hard as possible against the fans and ultimately against the bands themselves. Their songs will never be heard. There is no trust there and no curiosity within the listener anymore. All human emotion has been vetted. All that matters amongst the office-dwellers is the opening weekend cash box numbers. No thanks.

We must pay for the sins of $100 concert tickets and the RIAA and $18 CDs. The greed business has overwhelmed the music business and it's time to push back at the tide. That requires a little sacrifice, and a shedding of the same greed that is being destroyed.

Too many people have been too greedy for too long. The rest of us barely remember what it's like to not be looking for a payday. Maybe together we can revive the ghost limbs of "art for art's sake". The artificial barrier that commerce creates has no place in music. The Artist and the Listener are allies, and the middle men who look for that payday are the enemy. This is the chance to ignore them and to exclude them, the chance to attempt a high road.

To contribute to the experiment, the option is available to you here. Otherwise, enjoy the music:

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